Origano Derm


Origano Derm is a unique cream with organic oregano oil. It is intended for care and protection ...

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Herba Sept strong


“Herba Sept strong” is a natural oral spray that has an antiseptic effect, which is recommended for infections...

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Herba Sept


Herba Sept is a natural concentrated oral solution and antiseptic for the hygiene of the oral cavity and the pharynx.

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Origanol strong


Organic softgel capsules produced from wild oregano oil. Origanol Strong is recommended to persons with urinary...

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Cinnamon bark oil


Cinnamon oil has a beneficial effect in diabetes because it lowers the concentration of sugar in the blood...

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Wild oregano oil


Strongest herbal antiseptic and antibiotic. Eliminates more then 30 microorganisms. Proven eliminate E.coli, Candide...

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FLORUM is a dietary supplement, which contains 100% pure and natural wild oregano.


Oregano tea


Probotanic Oregano tea has been made by drying the above ground part of wild oregano plant.

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Apricot seed oil


From the medical point of view, this oil reduces symptoms of asthma and prevents tumors. Anti-inflammatory...

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Black cumin oil


Slows down multiplication of tumor cells by 50-80%. Stabilizes the immune system. Decreases blood pressure...

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Clove bud oil


According to the earliest records, as early as the Han dynasty, clove was used in China to hide bad breath.

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Jojoba oil


This oil became a synonym for skin care. Beneficial effects of jojoba oil for the skin are unquestionable: hydrates...

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Hazelnut oil


Natural hazelnut oil is extracted by cold pressing of hazelnut core. A good oil for skin care means that it is well and...

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Peppermint Oil


Essential oil of peppermint is of refreshing, regenerating and mentally stimulating fragrance...

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Frankincense oil


Frankincense is the resin of Bosvellia tree which grows in North Africa, the Middle East and some parts of Asia...

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Laurel leaf oil


Laurel leaf oil is a highly ranked essential oil used in aromatherapy for its unique structure.

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Junior skin


Intended specially for oily, impure and sensitive skin prone to acnes and black heads.

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Senior skin


Carefully selected combination of oils with the highest percentage of essential fatty acids and...

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