Prirodno ulje lešnika dobijeno je ceđenjem jezgra lešnika. Definicija dobrog ulja za negu kože podrazumeva da se lako apsorbuje, ne ostavlja masne tragove na koži, sadrži visok procenat antioksidanasa, pomaže održavanju hidratacije i tonusa kože.

Hazelnut oil

  • Natural, nourishing, cold-pressed oil extracted from hazelnut core

  • Contains high level of vitamin E, B6, essential fatty acids, magnesium, iron, selenium
  • Tones, hydrates and regenerates the skin
  • Easily absorbed by the skin without leaving any oily traces
  • Suitable for dry and damaged skin, as well as for oily and acne prone skin
  • Helps in cleaning skin pores, controls production of sebum
  • Has the effects of skin lifting thus making the skin look healthier and better toned
  • Excellent component of all creams and lotions for skin care

Give your skin the best treatment with the best natural essential oils

Natural hazelnut oil is extracted by cold pressing of hazelnut core. A good oil for skin care means that it is well and easily absorbed in the skin without leaving any oily traces, that it contains high percentage of antioxidants, that it provides hydration and good tone of the skin. Hazelnut oil fulfils all the mentioned criteria. It is very rich with unsaturated fatty acids and the skin absorbs it quickly and easily. Contains high level of vitamins B and E, rich with antioxidants and natural phenols. When rubbed into the skin, hazelnut oil has the skin lifting effect which makes the skin look healthier and better toned. Antioxidant characteristics of vitamin E stimulate regeneration of the skin and reduce effect of the process of aging.

Oily oil for oily skin

Oily skin is better to be treated by any vegetable oil than by a less oily cream which may provoke production of sebum since such creams contain emulsifiers. Hazelnut oil is an excellent emollient (softens the skin) and is therefore used for oily skin care since it cleans and opens the skin pores and prevents retention of sebum and occurrence of acnes and subsequent infections. In general, because of its beneficial properties, hazelnut oil is used by many people through various products for skin care. If you have a choice, choose a totally natural product with no allergenics, preservatives or chemical substances which can harm your skin.