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Please, provide your honest answers to these 40 questions and you will get the response whether Candida is present in your body.

Do you suffer from Candida?


Do you suffer from frequent infections (cold, cough, ear infections, etc.)?

Do you suffer from skin infections/ changes (redness under armpits, on groins, between fingers, thickened nails, etc.)?

Do you suffer from acne, pimples, dry and cracked skin?

Do you have yellow-white deposits on your tongue, in the oral cavity and bad breath?

Do you suffer from chronic (recurrent) constipation?

Do you suffer from stomach discomfort (bloating, cramps, diarrhea, etc.)?

Do you often feel itching in the area of anus?

Do you often feel that your eyes and nose are itchy?

Do you suffer from frequent allergic infections?

Do you suffer from pains/cramps in the lower back, muscles and joints?

Do you suffer from poor circulation (cold hands and feet)?

Are you often tired without a justified reason?

Do you suffer from sleep disorders/insomnia?

Are you often down-hearted/depressed?

Do you suffer from frequent headaches, migraines?

Is your concentration or memory impaired?

Do you suffer from vision disorders (double vision)?

Do you have problems with hair loss and dandruff?

Do you suffer from fluctuating blood pressure?

Do you suffer from high cholesterol?

Do you suffer from high blood sugar levels?

Are you overweight?

Do you often take antibiotics and other drugs?

Is your physical activity at the unsatisfactory level?

Do you smoke?

Do you frequently drink alcohol?

Do you live or work in a polluted environment?

Are you overloaded with work, tense and stressed out?

Do you use synthetic underwear and clothing?

Do you use synthetic (standard) sanitary napkins?

Do you suffer from an overwhelming desire for sweets and cola drinks?

Do you drink less than two liters of water a day?

Do you usually eat bread, pastry and pasta made of white flour?

Do you regularly consume whole grain cereals, nuts and seeds?

Do consume meat and meat products more than twice a week?

Do you often eat "fast food" and ready meals?

Do you consume less than one serving of fresh fruit and raw vegetables during a day?

Have you noticed that certain foodstuffs make you feel "unpleasant"?

Have you repeatedly undergone various diets for weight loss but without success?

Do you often feel itching in the genital area?

Do you suffer from frequent white vaginal discharge?

Do you suffer from frequent urinary tract infections?

Do you have painful spasms in the low

Do you have frequent urge to urinate?er abdomen?

Do you suffer from Candida?

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