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    31. Dear Sir/Madam, I am 32 years old and I have been taking the oral contraceptive Diane 35 for 15 years now as I was diagnosed with polycystic ovaries caused by genetically reduced oestrogen secretion. My condition is good and my endocrinologist is very satisfied with the performance of this medicine as cysts have disappeared completely and as it maintains a good condition of my reproductive system. I have heard about fennel oil benefits and I would like to know whether it can be used in parallel with synthetic hormones and what the best daily dose would be? Kind regards

    Fennel oil contains phytoestrogens, substances of herbal origin which are similar to oestrogen in structure. Phytoestrogens bind to oestrogen receptors and simulate its action. Fennel oil is used as follows: 3 drops are poured into a cup of warm tea.
    Since you have achieved good results with synthetic hormones, I think that there is no need that you use fennel oil and phytoestrogens whose action is much weaker that the action of synthetic oestrogen’s action.

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    32. Dear Sir/Madam, I have suffered from rosacea for years. I used to treat it with antibiotics, different herbal balms and the improvements were minor or not visible at all. Please tell me how I should treat it with oregano oil. Should I apply oregano oil locally on it or should I drink it? How long should I use oil locally?

    Dear Madam,
    Wild oregano oil is a very strong antiseptic and acts as a natural antibiotic and anti-fungal agent. There are recommendations for its use in the treatment of rosacea.
    Oil is taken during the period of 10 days in one month 3 x 2 drops/day diluted in a teaspoon of olive or other cooking oil or in a bit of yogurt, tomato juice. It should always be taken after meals.
    Smaller areas of skin can be treated locally if there are no open wounds. Since oregano oil is very hot and aggressive it must be well diluted at least in the proportion of 5:1 in favour of other oils (e.g. 1 drop of oregano oil + 5 drops of olive oil).

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    33. Dear Sir/Madam, I would like to know how apricot kernel oil is consumed and how many drops of oil a day can be taken? Thank you in advance!

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    When apricot kernel oil is used for prevention of malignancy, it is sufficient to take 10-12 drops during a day.
    In case of already diagnosed illness, the number of kilograms is divided by 2,5 and the obtained number designates the number of drops which one is allowed to take during a day.
    Oil is always consumed in the morning, before a meal and all at once.

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    34. Dear Sir/Madam, I suffer from oral candida. It has been isolated from the pharynx and I am three months pregnant now. Symptoms are unbearable. I am from Skopje and here I can buy oil and tea. Please tell me if I can use these products during pregnancy? Thank you very much.

    Dear Madam,
    Wild oregano oil is not recommended for use by pregnant women as it may slow down iron absorption and increase blood circulation in the area of pelvis.
    You must reduce the intake of sugar, candies, white flour and white flour products and yeast. In that way you will slow down candida reproduction.

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    35. I have been using oregano oil for 10 days but when I bought it I read that you also had wild sage oil (I have been diagnosed with work-related stress which stops my digestion resulting in the increased anxiety, strong palpitation and eventually elevated blood pressure. My digestion has significantly improved in these 10 days and I don’t have acid reflux anymore. I would like to know whether I can take oregano and sage oil simultaneously since sage oil would be ideal for my diagnosis of anxiety and stress, but I would like to continue with oregano oil intake for three weeks as prescribed. Thank you.

    Dear Sir,
    If you find wild oregano oil beneficial for your condition and you feel that wild sage oil might help as well, you may use it simultaneously. You only need to make a break of one hour at least between taking them.

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    36. I suffer from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease COPD, Diabetes II, high blood pressure (stent implanted). Which of your products can you recommend me? Kind regards

    From our product portfolio, black cumin oil would be most beneficial for your condition. In case of respiratory problems such as asthma, bronchitis, it acts as a bronchodilator and it has anti-inflammatory action. It has a beneficial effect on the elevated blood sugar – it reduces it by several units by stimulating insulin secretion in pancreas.
    It acts on blood vessels by regulating blood vessel wall tonus – it expands blood vessels and slightly reduces blood pressure.
    You should take one teaspoon of black cumin oil 3 times a day, 15 minutes before a meal.

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    37. I use your wild oregano oil to treat bacteria in urine and I am satisfied with the results at the very beginning of the treatment! Thank you very much for that. I would like to ask for your help again: I have fungal skin infection on my back and the skin is darker because of that. I have had this problem for years and it slowly expands. I have used some Koto-derma products but I was not persistent enough. Could I use oil for treating this skin problem and how should I use it? Thank you in advance and best regards! Dijana

    Dear Dijana,
    We are pleased to hear new good experiences of our customers and thank you very much for sharing it with us.
    In case of fungal skin infections, oregano oil may be used but in a diluted form. That proportion is 4 - 5:1 in favour of the other oil (olive, sunflower, flaxseed oil, apricot kernel oil). For the start you should mix 4 – 5 drops of carrier oil with 1 drop of oregano oil. The mixture should be applied first to healthy skin (e.g., upper arm). If you feel that your skin burns too much, you should dilute it a bit more.
    We hope that you will come back to us soon with more good experiences related to oregano oil use.

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    38. I have purchased peppermint oil. How is it used to resolve greasy hair problem?

    Dear Madam,
    For treating greasy hair and scalp, the best thing is to add 10 drops of peppermint oil into a neutral shampoo of 200 - 250 ml. Shake well the shampoo bottle before each use and hair wash.
    Peppermint oil may be added to hair conditioners. It is sufficient to add 1 - 2 drops to the conditioner pack.

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    39. Dear Sir/Madam, is “Florum” a certified organic product (like oregano oil and tea) and can it replace oregano oil in its effect as I find oil too strong and I cannot get used to taking it? Thank you!

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    All wild oregano oil products – oregano oil, Origanol strong capsules, Florum and tea are organic products. Florum capsules are much weaker than oregano oil and therefore less efficient compared to oil. Their use is recommended in treating urinary infections and in prevention of cold and flu. If you have problems with urinary infections, we would rather recommend that you take Origanol strong and oregano tea.

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    40. Dear Sir/Madam, I am 39 years old and I have been consuming fennel oil for 6 months now. I’ve seen its fantastic results in regulating my period – I don’t have pains, I don’t have “cleaning” lasting 4-5 days after the period. My question is if fennel oil increases appetite as in the last 3 months my appetite has been rather strong and whether I could use the oil in continuity or I should make some breaks. Thank you in advance, Milka

    Dear Madam,
    We are glad to receive a positive feedback on your good experience in using our fennel oil.
    Fennel oil may increase the appetite if it is taken before meals. It is best that you take it after a meal since in that way it will speed up your metabolism and digestion by acting on bowel motility. Oil is taken before meals for increasing appetite. It may be taken for a longer period of time if it does good to you.