It is famous for being one of the most important kinds of cereals. From germs of wheat kernel, precious and very nutritional plant oil, rich with unsaturated fatty acids (up to 60%) is obtained.

Wheat germ oil

  • Very high level of vitamin E
  • Prevention from arteriosclerosis
  • Decreases the level of cholesterol
  • Rich with unsaturated fatty acids
  • It is used for everyday skin care
  • Helpful against skin diseases (eczema, psoriases)
  • Treatment of deep wounds, burns and scars

Like all other kinds of plant oil, the abovementioned wheat germ oil keeps all the important elements and can be used as food supplement and for cosmetic purposes, only if non-refined and cold-pressed.

High quality skin care

Wheat germ oil contains the strongest natural concentration of vitamin E. Vitamin E is a well-known antioxidant and in such concentration it is very powerful in preventing harmful effects of various factors from the outside. As for skin care, it stimulates fluid exchange process, protects skin cells from damage, reduces wrinkles, provides deep nutrition and regeneration of skin and is especially beneficial for dry, thin, sensitive and chapped skin. Wheat germ oil is used in treatment of inflammatory skin diseases, like psoriases and eczema. It is efficient in healing burns and injuries as well as in treating scars. Although it is worthy of royal skin treatments, as Cleopatra, the queen of Egypt, once used it, every woman of the modern age can afford it.  Wheat germ oil – the youth elixir.

Product description

Composition: 100% pure and natural oil from wheat germ.
Lat: Triticum vulgare
Neto: 20ml
Release: Cold pressed
Pack: glass bottle with a glass pipette. Cardboard packaging.
Instructions for use is in the box.