For external use

Essential basil oil is obtained by steam distillation of basil leaves (Ocimum basilicum)

  • Strong analgesic effect in painful periods (dysmenorrhea)
  • Improves concentration and memory, clear mind
  • Powerful antispasmodic – relieves various types of convulsions
  • Strong analgesic and relaxing effect on muscles
  • Suitable for sore muscles and joints
  • Clears the mind, ideal in case of mental fatigue, exhaustion and headache
  • Eases expectoration and breathing in respiratory illnesses
  • Natural repellent – repels flies, mosquitoes and wasps

Basil oil – natural antispasmodic

Basil is a plant originating from India and symbolizing welcomeness. It was brought to Europe by monks. The Orthodox Church, Hindus, but also many other religions believe that basil has a divine power. The word basil comes from the Greek word “basilicum” meaning royal. The Romans believed that a man will forever love a woman from whom he receives a sprig of basil.
The essential oil of basil is today mostly used for treating various types of body cramps. It is very effective antispasmodic. It relieves painful menstruation cramps and muscles cramps in after a hard workout and strong physical activity. It is also beneficial in case of intestinal cramps, regardless of their origin.

Natural repellent

Basil has been used successfully as a natural repellent. It repels flies, mosquitoes and wasps, and therefore it is very effective to make an aqueous solution of basil oil during the summer period and use it as a spray for pushing the insects away. In addition, the essential basil oil also disinfects the air and is often used as air refresher in premises where a lot of people work in order to prevent occurrence of respiratory infections.


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