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Wild oregano oil

Strongest herbal antiseptic and antibiotic. Eliminates more then 30 microorganisms. Proven eliminate E.coli, Candide...

  • Probotanic Wild oregano tea

Oregano tea

Probotanic Oregano tea has been made by drying the above ground part of wild oregano plant.

Apricot seed oil

From the medical point of view, this oil reduces symptoms of asthma and prevents tumors. Anti-inflammatory...

  • Probotanic Black cumin oil

Black cumin oil

Slows down multiplication of tumor cells by 50-80%. Stabilizes the immune system. Decreases blood pressure...

Clove bud oil

According to the earliest records, as early as the Han dynasty, clove was used in China to hide bad breath.

Jojoba oil

This oil became a synonym for skin care. Beneficial effects of jojoba oil for the skin are unquestionable: hydrates...

Hazelnut oil

Natural hazelnut oil is extracted by cold pressing of hazelnut core. A good oil for skin care means that it is well and...

Peppermint Oil

Essential oil of peppermint is of refreshing, regenerating and mentally stimulating fragrance...

Frankincense oil

Frankincense is the resin of Bosvellia tree which grows in North Africa, the Middle East and some parts of Asia...

Laurel leaf oil

Laurel leaf oil is a highly ranked essential oil used in aromatherapy for its unique structure.

Junior skin

Intended specially for oily, impure and sensitive skin prone to acnes and black heads.