Black cumin oil

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This miraculous plant, about which even Muhammad said that it could cure everything but death, has nowadays been fully used. It has been used for medical purposes and as food supplement, for ages.Crni kumin 250 326x1024 Black cumin oil

Black cumin oil

  • Slows down multiplication of tumor cells by 50-80%
  • Stabilizes the immune system
  • Decreases blood pressure and stimulates blood circulation
  • Keeps the kidneys active
  • Decreases level of cholesterol and glucose in blood
  • Efficient alternative to insulin

It is important to know that scientific researches in this field are very expensive and it took a long time to develop a story, acceptable to the western civilization, about this miracle. The first significant research into the effect of the black cumin oil on prevention from cancer was carried out by the scientists at “Cancer Immuno-Biology Laboratory” in South Carolina. The results of the research showed that a healthy immune system would recognize and kill the cancer cells before tumor could damage the patient’s health. Since the research was carried out in America, the results attracted the people’s attention. In the following years, several countries undertook extensive studies on the black cumin and its effect on various aspects of human physiology.

One of the most attractive forms of this plant is the black cumin oil which contains Timokinon.

What is Timokinon?

Timokinon is a substance extremely beneficial for human beings. It’s like Carvacrol from wild oregano. All kinds of researches conducted in this field confirmed that nigella sativa, which is the Latin name for black cumin, is a genuine herbal miracle. The fact that in 1996, US Food and Drug Administration officially approved the use of black cumin oil in treatments of cancer to prevent side effects of chemotherapy and boost the patient’s immunity, supports that conclusion.

Since black cumin oil comes from the East, in 2003 doctors in Saudi Arabia tried to define its pharmacological and toxicological properties. The scientists proved that black cumin oil decreases high blood pressure, improves blood circulation and decreases level of cholesterol and glucose in blood.

A teaspoonful of black cumin oil, 3 times per day, reduces side effects of chemotherapy and stimulates the body to encourage its immunity and increase its abilities of self-defense. It is also recommended for persons with considerable risk of cancer.

The researches mentioned above, are of great importance and we are sharing them with you for the purpose of education and because we want people to be healthy.

Product description

Composition: 100% pure and natural oil from the Black cumin.
Lat: Nigel sativa.
Net: 250ml
Release: Cold pressed
Pack: Glass Bottle. Cardboard packaging.
User Guide is in the box.


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